170 · Representative Documents: Planning and Assessment
Space Requirements for Mann Library (excerpts)
2. Collaborative learning community provide spaces equipped with furniture and technology that
meet the collaborative working needs of students and faculty and seek to partner with
appropriate campus groups to provide better support for research and data assistance
3. Inspire students with great learning spaces and services design a space that is beautiful,
functional, and flexible for library users
4. Visibility of student and faculty research ensure that the library’s physical and virtual spaces
establish the library as a forum for showcasing and engaging with research
Vision &Direction Guiding Principles Space Planning Principles
1. Continuous Communication Explore ways to enhance our
engagement with our user community
to gain valuable feedback
Cultivate a climate of assessment to
measure our success, adjusting our
course with our findings
Give priority to needs of the
Cornell community, particularly
those affiliated with CALS &CHE
in making design changes
Work in close conjunction with
COMM, DEA and other
departments to develop a
flowing partnership between the
library and its spaces
Integrate and consolidate service
points within the library to make
conversation with users easier
2. Collaborative learning
Develop partnerships and collaborate
with library and non-­‐library
departments to create a space that
supports the changing needs of users
and staff
Use current student data and future
assessment to develop spaces in the
library that meet the collaborative
study needs of students
Provide users with more one-­‐
stop-­‐shop access to information
and technical support
Invite departmental and Cornell
outposts within the library to
provide all types of learning
support (including those not
typically sought in a library such
as registration and academic
advising assistance)
Establish physical or virtual space
for faculty and student feedback
on current research
Develop clear zones for
collaboration and develop online
presence to foster this
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