34 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
been allocated for space assessment in multiple jobs as we are recognizing the need for continual assessment of spaces
so that the library is refreshing and revising itself to meet the changing needs of students and faculty.
We created a new support staff position in the library to support AV technology, and other support staff members have
greatly increased responsibilities with AV support and room booking.
7. Has there been a direct connection between the development of learning spaces within your
library and changes to collection format or the arrangement of your library’s physical collections?
Yes 70 97%
No 2 3%
If yes, please indicate the type(s) of collection changes that have resulted from the development of
learning spaces. Check all that apply. N=70
Moved collections within the library 62 89%
Weeded collections 60 86%
Moved collections to off-site storage facility 50 71%
Influenced move to electronic over print collections 40 57%
Restructured access to collections within the library 35 50%
Started collections in new genres/areas 15 21%
Other collection change(s) 8 11%
Please briefly describe the other collection change(s). N=8
Added high-density storage (Automated Storage and Retrieval System). Majority of print reference collection moved into
general collection.
Compacted collections.
Creation of a popular reading collection congruent to a lounge space
Fine Arts: Streaming materials to the Bar &Lounge.
Implemented delivery/pull and scan services for onsite collections for faculty and doctoral students only.
Library West moved the staging area for serials to another space in the building and converted the area into a tutoring
center staffed by tutors from the Office of Academic Support and the University Writing Center.
Significant reduction to reference collection to make room for 1st floor study space. Collection was largely “liberated to
stacks” and weeded/replaced with online resources.
We moved some collections to a new building and used the newly opened spaces for learning spaces.
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