174 · Representative Documents: Planning and Assessment
Space Requirements for Mann Library (excerpts)
In terms of group work:
Familiarity and proximity-­‐everyone
knows where it is
Always open and don’t need a
reservation conversely, ability to book
for several hours
Spaces for groups of 2 or 3
Display of student work
Places for both quick small group
meeting and also extended group work
Too “serious” nobody talks.
Too Gothic
Smell from food is too strong, not clean
crowded, high traffic area.
Specific space needs vary depending on activity. Each type of spaces serves different kinds of activities
and requires different affordances, as shown by the zoning model below developed from research done
by Steelcase.
-­‐from Steelcase Education Solutions. (2011) Active Learning Spaces.
By looking at our user studies research and fitting our students’ responses to a taxonomy of space types,
we can design a variety of different spaces that will provide the zones that students need. We have
preliminarily identified the following needs and potential space types that we need to consider in the
forthcoming renovation and for future changes.
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