SPEC Kit 342: Next-Gen Learning Spaces · 55
ITS to co-develop two services/centers: Data Services, Digital Studio. Spaces, services co-developed, jointly run,
jointly staffed.
Learning Support Services &Math Department planned new collaborative spaces that are flexible and adaptable to a
variety of activities.
Multiple cross-departmental instructional initiatives (WisCEL, Media Studios, DesignLab)
Music Industry faculty assisted with the design of the Audio Archive classroom. Campus Planning Design and
Construction (CPDC): space planning. Information Technology and Services Department: Expansion of wireless network
across all public spaces. Tutoring: outlet &port, satellite desk.
Office of Academic Support, University Writing Center, Center for Safety, Simulation &Advanced Learning Technologies
Office of the Provost, Office of the President for the Education Commons that opened in 2011.
Office of the Provost (College is a direct report), Office of the President, College of Arts and Sciences
Office of the Provost: 1) Telepresence room 2) Planned transformation of library floor into site for enriched student
advising (courses, academic success, critical thinking, research skills, etc.) Arts Council: helped fund the video studio.
Vice Provost for the Arts: creation of the Video Niche to fill a need for video art presentation.
OIT: guidance on technology
OIT, Writing and Design Courses
Our school of the arts (specifically the music program) partnered with us to expand our multimedia classroom and
lab space.
Partnered with campus’ Student/Parent Wellness Program to develop Child-Friendly Group Study Room in library for
student-parents accompanied by young children.
Provost Office: funding for renovation of learning spaces through competitive General Fund Equipment awards.
Provost’s Office: worked together to design and build a learning commons in our Main Library.
Research &Writing Center collaboration with Humanities. Creativity, Innovation &Design space collaboration with a
multidisciplinary learning group from the Faculty Center.
Research Computing Center, Information Technology Services: in both cases, the library provided space for staff and
services for these units, and relevant library staff are in partnership with the appropriate staffs.
Student Government Association: financial, advisory. School of Medicine: financial, shared planning and decision-
making. Undergraduate Affairs: financial, shared planning and decision-making.
Student Services, Information Services &Technology were involved in the development of a plan and the design of the
learning space.
Student Success Center
The University Writing Center. Undergraduate and Graduate Writing Centers have opened in the library and work
directly with librarians and staff. Partnerships include Dissertation Boot Camp and use of the Espresso Book Machine.
Student Accessibility Services is developing a learner space in support of our learners with accessibility issues (print,
audio, ergonomic).
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