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Odegaard Undergraduate Library Building Vision Steering Group report
Odegaard Undergraduate Library Building Vision Steering Report to the UW Office of the Provost, March 2010 26
Odegaard Undergraduate Library Building Vision Steering Group
January and February 2010 Needs Assessment
Focusing on the student experience to guide our process, what enhancements and changes to the building would
optimize the space as a learning environment and resource for students?
Structured Conversation with Identified Groups
1. Group or Program Interviewed:_________________________________________________
2. Composition of Group:________________________________________________
3. Students: What years in school?______________________________________________
4. Students: What college or majors?____________________________________________
I am part of a group that has been charged with creating a programmatic and integrated vision of the Odegaard
Undergraduate Library building, including the By George area on the ground floor and the three floors of the library
above. We are looking at ways that we can enhance the space to optimize the student experience, for learning,
research, writing, and creative production. We would like to ask you a few questions about how you go about
accomplishing your academic work:
1. Where do you think that you do your best work? Why?
2. What spaces do you currently prefer and why?
3. Have you been in Odegaard during the past year? If so, how often and when did you come into the
building? If not, why not?
4. What aspects about the current facilities at Odegaard do you find most helpful?
5. What aspects are most frustrating?
6. Could you describe a recent class or project that you have had that required the use of one of the
libraries or the MGH Computing Resource Center?
7. What resources or applications did you need to use?
8. What resources or applications would you have liked to have used if they had been available?
9. Where do you go to create your multimedia projects? Why?
10. What should Odegaard do to make it your preferred place for study, practice, production, or research?
11. Is there anything else that you would like to say to the vision steering group about
OUGL building?
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