SPEC Kit 342: Next-Gen Learning Spaces · 19
instructional needs in addition to library needs and function as multipurpose spaces (usually instruction by day, general
library use by night). Additionally, the education library has a flexible, technology-rich space for instructional use by
for-credit courses, seminars, workshops, and summer outreach programming (e.g., College for Kids). Undergraduate
commons: not defined as “commons” but there is a library with primary support for undergraduates. Space restricted by
discipline: many libraries on campus all officially open to all campus users. However the Law Library restricts access to
Law School use during certain times in the semester. We are not counting that for the purposes of this survey.
Dissertation Writers’ Rooms: shared office space (telecommuting model) for doctoral students who have passed their
comps and are on to the dissertation phase. Each room includes 10 (or 12) partitioned desks, available on a first-come
basis. Gradate Exchange: intended for relaxation, building community, also used as events space has open seating
at tables and benches, writable and tackable walls, writable tables, excellent power availability, food-friendly, lounge
chairs. Graduate Collaboratives: Reservable by grad students only, whiteboards, large tables, interactive atmosphere,
LCD screens, and laptop hookups.
Gaming Lab pilot project is scheduled for 2014–2015.
Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering and Technology (GEOSET): Recording studio in science library
Graduate reading room (graduate students only). Library Accessibility Services: for students with disabilities. The lab
offers one large room with eleven computers and one room without computers for laptop use or for quiet study. The
lab houses accessible computers with the following adaptive technology software: Kurzweil 1000, Kurzweil 3000 and
compatible scanners, DAISY, ReadPlease, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Inspiration, and ZoomText.
Graduate student reading room, High-Density Data Lounge, Cisco Telepresence Classrooms, Video Art display niche,
interactive instructional lounge with LED display and streaming capabilities, graduate student carrels
Graduate student study carrels: reservable on an annual basis
Graduate student study rooms
Honors students and Undergraduate Research Fellows quiet study space
Informal reservable study areas, such as booths of different types and open, moveable tables. Collaborative classroom
for “flipped” pedagogies.
Learning Commons not restricted to type of student, GIS Lab with specialized software and assistance, Active Learning
Classrooms, Research Commons for collaborative and programmed uses, assigned studies for PhD students.
Lecture-style classroom with fixed seating, podium, and multimedia. Flexible-seating classroom with moveable “Node
Chairs,” podium, and multimedia. Seminar-style classroom with tables, chairs, and multimedia.
Math Learning Success Center is comprised of study spaces, tutoring spaces, and computer lab with specialized
software. Writing Center Outpost space serves dual functions, but not at the same time. Much of the time the space is
reservable group study spaces. During specific days/times, it functions as tutoring space.
Our “graduate commons” is also a faculty space. It’s titled the Faculty and Graduate Student Lounge.
Our group study rooms cannot be reserved they are on a first-come, first-served basis.
Podcasting room, viewing rooms for film studies
Reservable presentation rehearsal rooms are being installed summer 2014.
Separate graduate student study space (but not commons area, i.e., no fixed equipment)
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