44 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Different spaces have different capabilities and we can adjust capabilities as well. For example, we can add clickers for a
specific workshop.
GEOSET studios
GIS software, Adobe Photoshop
High-density data wall, immersive curvilinear (parabolic) display, multi-touch displays, Fine Arts’ Video Art Niche
In the large active learning labs of the two WisCEL Centers, iPads used in conjunction with Apple TV allows for
wireless projection of mobile device to all monitors in the room. Digital displays on tables in the engineering library
indicate availability (e.g., reserved for scheduled instruction or open for informal learning). Note: Lecture capture is not
available directly in library spaces, but rather is supported by library units in education and engineering. The libraries
are responsible for providing the technical support of the lecture capture capabilities in classrooms for the School of
Education and the College of Engineering.
Laptops (Mac/PC), iPads, tripods, headphones, flash drives, Kill-a-Watt meters, graphing calculators, laptop security
systems, mice/trackballs, chargers, USB cables, digital still and video cameras
Laptops with specialized software, data projectors, flip charts, and whiteboards
Large moveable whiteboards
LCD screen, projectors, laptops
media:scape units currently testing ClickShare multimedia equipment (audiorecorders, digital camcorders, still
cameras), Mac and PC laptops available for loan.
media:scape tables
Perceptive Pixel multi-touch display, Microsoft Surface table, motion-based gaming, 3D printing, poster printing
Scanners, printers
Scanners, large-format printers, multimedia editing stations
Screen sharing software is being installed in summer 2014.
Standard web software, screen, monitor
Student Multimedia Design Center equipment kits, hardware/software
Touchscreen, Scantron
Two media:scapes and four rooms with large monitors for laptop plug-in for group viewing/collaboration
Video and audio editing equipment and software
Video cameras, digital cameras, projector, laptops, adapters, digital recorders, digital readers, specialized software
Videoconferencing equipment, Stereoscopic 3D projector
WorkWare (Haworth), GPS units, Wacom stylus, Wacom tablet, Steelcase media:scapes, videoconferencing
equipment, Sympodiums
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