SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 99
Quicker and simpler connections/
communication with library users.
Improved communication among staff.
Places library within reach of new and
convenient tools commonly used by library
patrons. VPA
Reference services more readily available
to users. VPA
Sharing of professional information among
library staff. SI
Ease of updating news information on
library’s Web site. CC
Service to users at point of need.
Integration with user’s tools.
Increased awareness of new technologies
for library staff. SS
Supports communication with user
community and helps to market library
events. Com, PR
Support communication between
staff and helps staff be aware of new
developments. Com
Helps to establish the librarians as
technology leaders on campus.
The ability to personalize services and
target specialized groups.
Provides more points of access to the
library and its services.
Provides access to more and different
information (people’s opinions, etc. that
are not easily found in traditional modes).
These tools are portable and students can
use them even after they graduate from
the University.
It connects libraries’ faculty and staff who
are geographically dispersed at different
campuses of the University.
Students may be more comfortable with
using social software and therefore may
be more likely to use these channels to
contact librarians for help. VPA
To develop effective additional
communication channels with users. Com
To facilitate communication. Com To share information. SI Another means of delivering services.VPA
To facilitate fast communication and
“push” content/current awareness to
users. Instead of creating Web sites and
portals which are expensive and require
lots of planning, we can create “just in
time information” in minutes and hours
and have it available to a community who
is responsive to news feeds and constant
information interaction.
Com, RD, CA
Realizing that some of our “youngest”
users, those who are 30 and under,
have been using and accessing digital
information and using the Web since
elementary school. Their needs, interests,
and expectations are changing and
moving faster than the federal government
can keep up with. It is exciting to think
that the NLM as an information provider
can be on the cutting edge of identifying
and proving solutions to those needs. O
To serve as a record of library services and
To reach younger audience using tools
with which they are familiar. VPA
Provides multiple ways to provide service.
Allows us to reach remote users using
more cost effective methods. VPA
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