100 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Use of tools that patrons are comfortable
with and that make up their information
environment. VPA
Flexibility in the presentation and
distribution of library resources and
services. FC
Educational value for library users
unfamiliar with these new tools.
We can put our services and collections
where the users already are and use the
tools they already use, making us more
accessible and friendly to them. Users
have less need to learn to do things our
way, since we’re learning to do things
their way.
The library has a more human face to it.
We’re not just an institution interacting
with library users as patrons or clients,
we’re also people who interact with library
users as people. We’re collaborators
in the research and learning mission of
the university, not just faceless service
providers. PR, Col
We’ve made great efforts to make our
physical spaces more conducive to
collaborative and interdisciplinary learning,
and using social software helps move us in
the same direction in online services and
VPA, Col
Working across departments
cooperation. Col
Reaching users in a new way.
It’s fun.
32. List up to three challenges of using social software in your library. N=55
Challenge Category Code Number of
Time T 32
Staff Expertise/Training ST 28
Competing Priorities CP 19
Staff Buy-in SB 16
Keeping Up with
KU 12
User Buy-in UB 9
Assessment/Evaluation AE 9
Technologial Challenges TC 8
Security/Privacy SP 7
Staffing capacity SC 7
Content Maintenance CM 5
Planning &Coordination PC 4
Marketing M 4
Awareness A 3
Funding F 3
Other O 22
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