SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 77
19. Please provide the following information about the social software standing committee/team:
Name of standing committee/team Position title of standing committee/team leader Year
standing committee/team was created Number of standing committee/team members Position
to which the standing committee/team leader reports. N=8
Committee Name Committee Leader Created Members Reports to
Virtual Access Committee Co-Director, Science Libraries, and
Assoc. Law Librarian (2 people)
2007 6 Library Director
Science Reference Librarian 2006 5 Head, Reference Services
User Interface Group Web Manager &Usability
2006 6 Associate Director for Public
Web Services Steering
Web Services Coordinator Director
of Academic Programs, Physical
Sciences and Engineering
2007 6 Associate University Librarian
for Information Technology
Web Steering Committee Associate Dean of Public Services 2002 3 Dean of University Libraries
Public Services Council Associate University Librarian
for Research and Instructional
2007 6 AUL for Research and
Instructional Services
Virtual Library Group Web Development Librarian 2001 13 Manager, Instructional
Support Services
Emerging Technology
Interest Group
Rotating chair chosen from
2007 8 Web Committee
“Several units, including Integrated Library System and the Digital Library Development Center would
participate in actual planning and implementation of specific tools.”
“Ideas originate with the Electronic Communications Committee and are managed by the committee.”
“Was formerly called Web Advisory Group from 1998-2006. We have created a ‘betas’ page as a way
to experiment with some of these technologies and get user feedback before deciding to make them
“It has been pretty grass-roots for a while. We are now trying to formalize the process more through the Web
Services Steering Committee. We have produced a lot of documentation on this committee if you would like
to learn more about it.”
“We tend to consider social software initiatives within the broader context of Web services and Web site
development. We will likely continue to implement new social software initiatives as it fits into our mission.”
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