SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 31
“The Libraries runs the streaming media service for the campus. The University has enhanced channel status
on YouTube.”
“The Ask a Librarian ad was created to market library reference and research consultation services to
students. YouTube provides the easiest vehicle for delivering the content and encouraging people to use it.”
“Library held a contest for students to create a YouTube video on Yale Links —Yale’s implementation of SFX.”
“Using it to share archival videos.”
“We just had a workshop on Web 2.0 and began posting some short videos made by staff.”
Photo and Video Sharing
“Casual staff use for sharing both professional and entertainment information. Photos from conferences, clips
from YouTube show in classes.”
“Using YouTube, Slideshare, and Flickr for instruction, cultural programming. Library also offers workshops to
patrons on using these sites.”
In Development
“Flickr and YouTube may come in play when the Facebook site is started.”
“Not using currently but plan to use. Example: delivering instruction to the community.”
“The plan is to use in marketing local digitized photographs. It is not yet implemented.”
“We’d like to begin using Flickr to promote special collections, or highlight library events. I’d also like to
explore using YouTube (or like services) to give context sensitive instruction on how to use library tools.”
“To familiarize students with our graduate library: staff, facilities, tour.”
“An introduction to the Science &Engineering Library, an overview of our services, resources, including
pictures of the staff.”
“Librarians share presentations with each other (to embed presentations in training materials and subject
pages, etc.)”
“Multiple projects and reasons. In this case, to publicize library resources and services.”
“The National Library of Medicine is encouraging Latinos to use MedlinePlus to learn about health and
wellness for their families and themselves. The campaign materials are available to anyone.”
“To promote the usage of digital images derived from Special Collections.”
“To provide wider access to collections.”
“Metadata is created to describe the content and then we link out to the media files. This is a cooperative
venture between the libraries and other departments at the University.”
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