SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 69
Brief description of how the library is using the site.
Chat Widgets
Crafty “Live Help”
We use Crafty “Live Help” widget for chat on our Web pages. Widgets are extremely handy, students don’t
have to have or use their commercial IM account to get help.
“A way for users to anonymously contact a librarian via IM. Widgets also embedded in Facebook pages,
department pages, college pages (e.g., College Academic Advising).”
“To provide reference services to all.”
“We use MeeboMe or similar applications in several locations on the library Web site or blogs to give users an
opportunity to ask questions of librarians.”
“This widget is placed on our “Ask a Librarian” page to add an IM service to our chat reference service to
allow anyone who wants to ask us a question to just type it into the webpage without having to identify
themselves or even have an IM account.”
“Live chat reference.”
“Meebo widgets are used for IM as stated earlier in the survey.”
“Meebo widgets are integrated into libguides and blackboard course sites we have created a library toolbar
using libX.”
“We use the Meebome widget to provide our centralized, general IM reference service. It is open 1–5
Monday–Friday and is staffed by reference and access services librarians. We are using MeeboMe as we
transition to a new chat software, that has yet to be identified.”
“To answer questions of library users. The MeeboMe widget is placed on multiple pages, including other
social software sites.”
“MeeboMe widgets are embedded on liaison contact pages as well as subject guides for those liaisons who
have chosen to offer reference and communication through chat or IM.”
“To provide support by an instructor to the student in her information literacy class.”
“Many subject librarians are adding the Meebo widget to their online profile pages to allow users to
communicate with and contact them more easily. The link above is only one of many examples of librarians
who use it. The widget is also useful for facilitating communication among staff in different locations.”
“IM Reference.”
“MeeboMe Chat Widget.”
“We have started to embed MeeboMe Widgets into our Web site and plan to do the same within our
“Provide online reference at multiple service points.”
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