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11. Blogs. Specify an example of a blog at your library. N=52
See below for descriptions of Blogs.
Year first implemented.
Range: 2003 to 2008
2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
Brief description of how the library is using the site.
News and Current Awareness
NCSU Libraries News
To announce and promote new services and important events to the library’s user community the blog
functions as an effective content management tool. blogs.lib.ncsu.edu. WolfBlogs is a blog service for the
NCSU community to create their own blogs (i.e., for classes, student organizations).
UCSD Science &Engineering Library News &Events Blog
To communicate with faculty and students about library news and events, new resources, hot science topics,
new technology tools, UCSD faculty news, database downtime alerts, etc. To make other library staff aware
of same things for our Science &Engineering Library.
KSL News Blog
Source of news, announcements, and opportunity to promote communication.
MIT Libraries News
We have about 25 staff members contributing stories to this central blog which is featured from our home
page (http://libraries.mit.edu). It’s powered by Wordpress and we are using the categories and RSS feeds
for these categories. We are using a tool called “FeedDigest” to syndicate the content of some of these
categories to other Web sites. For example, our Scholarly Communication Web site has a “news” section
which is powered by the “Scholarly Communication” feed of our main news.
Library blog
To communicate news and information to the user community and general public.
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