SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 43
Please describe the “other groups.”
“Closed community groups include partner institutions working on joint projects with the Library.”
“Faculty, staff.”
“Library supervisors and student workers.”
“Non-technical library staff.”
“To provide information that would be of use to community patrons.”
“University administration.”
“University IT staff work collaboratively with Libraries faculty and staff on a variety of projects utilizing Penn
State’s Wikispace. The Wikispace enables group communication and also provides an environment for viewing
and gaining greater understanding of University-wide projects and collaborative groups.”
“University’s non-library Web developers and other IT staff members.”
Please describe the other type(s) of experience(s) and the corresponding group.
“Become familiar with Wiki technology to support wider use of Wikis by non-technical library staff.”
“Collaborate on the creation/editing of documents.”
“Library staff with library users: other examples include: Wiki’s used as course guides Wiki’s for internal
documents Wiki’s for collaborating with health sciences librarians (and others) worldwide.”
“Planning new initiatives.”
“Project Management.”
“We see it as an opportunity for discovery by other libraries and librarians as well. Each library prepares these
tools based on their users and staff so content can vary greatly.”
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