SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 35
Internal Link Sharing
“For internal communication. The Online Instruction Working Group is using it to track useful Web sites. We
have also used it at the reference desk for staff who are working on difficult reference questions. As desk
staff change it’s easy to see what other sites have been used to answer reference questions.”
“We use del.icio.us mainly as an internal means to share links among library staff (although I love what MIT
has done with del.icio.us and their reference links). We use LibraryThing to promote our popular reading
collections at our two main libraries.”
In Development
“We will be implementing tagging for our WebPac soon.”
“LibraryThing is in the proposal stage.”
“Still in preliminary planning stages.”
“The site was created as part of our ‘23 things’ learning program, Blue 2.0. We are just beginning to explore
this technology.”
“Tagging module to be implemented summer 2008. This will allow users to add their own tags and
annotations to our catalog records.”
“Again it was brought up at a Web 2.0 class for staff.”
“Tag library content.”
“This is still being tested, but it’s in use by a number of librarians and we will likely collate our bookmarks into
a unified set soon. Many of the library faculty and staff also use other tools and we are currently developing
our own internal tagging system (LibraryThing requires ISBNs and that limits our use of it, although we do
have many individual accounts).”
“Collect useful links.”
“The Business/SPEA Information Commons have installed a widget that allows users to bookmark their
“User education librarian collects and tags citations of interest for the information literacy course he is
“The del.icio.us tags are part of a blog directed to nursing students. The tags link to all sorts of information
from pandemic planning to Florence Nightingale and to other nursing blogs.”
“We provide links to these (and other) bookmarking sites at the bottom of our Library News pages.”
“Several individual librarians are using del.icio.us as a resource for library instruction and at the reference
“Provide bookmarks to sites for student health services advocates. Students can add their own sites, too.”
“Individual librarians use del.icio.us to feed content to sites. Others in unit libraries use del.icio.us internally
to share interesting links. Unit libraries also offer workshops to patrons on using del.icio.us. Marketing
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