SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 83
24. If library staff use of social software is voluntary, have there been any efforts to encourage staff
to participate? N=56
Yes 46 82%
No 10 18%
If yes, please briefly describe what has been done.
N %
Workshops 22 31%
Presentations 12 17%
2.0 training program 7 10%
Marketing 7 10%
One-on-one training 6 8%
Administrative mandate 5 7%
Brown bag 5 7%
Committee work 5 7%
Tutorials 2 3%
“A ‘soft’ approach—exposure to tools and discussions about their possible uses exposure through various
committees that use the tools to conduct their work.”
“A brown bag session was offered on using the Wiki. Brief workshops have been offered on up-and-coming
technological tools such as Second Life and Skype. A recruitment workflow for the blog has been developed
that includes informational meetings for those who might be potential blog contributors, one-on-one training
sessions on how to post, and a print guide for contributors.”
“A multi-week exploration course distributed via our staff intranet, with (optional) hands-on training weekly.
A party is scheduled for those completing the course.”
“Brown bag presentations about social software have been given.”
“Committee on Professional Development has sponsored a series of hands-on workshops for staff on use of
social software ongoing workshops on use of Wikis.”
“Committees discuss how librarians are using the tools on a regular basis. These discussions encourage others
to participate.”
“Directors encourage their staff to explore new technologies.”
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