SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 81
Services (ITS) Division have responsibilities that relate to social software initiatives. ITS provides the full range
of technical support and technical infrastructure for the Library. Web Services Division (WSD) is charged with
developing strategies, plans, standards, and policies to guide the Web initiatives of the Library. ITS and Web
Services are staffed by a mixture of FTEs, NTEs, and contractors (as needed). The Head of Web Services and
Director of ITS report to the CIO.”
23. Please indicate whether staff participation in/use of social software is required or voluntary.
Check all that apply. N=59
Required Voluntary N
Chat or instant messenger services 24 31 55
Wikis 19 37 56
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) 6 50 56
Widgets 6 43 49
Blogs 5 53 58
VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) 3 36 39
Media sharing sites 2 49 51
Other social software/service 1 27 28
Social networking sites 52 52
Social bookmarking or social tagging sites 51 51
Virtual worlds 37 37
“Online chat required of Reference Librarians.”
“Chat &IM is required for those working the Reference Desk nights and weekends and Digital Library
Services employees.”
“Required only for those staff delivering instruction or reference services utilizing those tools.”
“Some Libraries Committees use a Wiki, in effect mandating use of that software in order to effectively
participate in and complete committee work.”
“Certain staff are required to use certain internal Wikis in cases where the Wikis house departmental
documentation, policies, and procedures.”
“I assume that you mean that staff are required to monitor these services, such as having the Meebo widget
online when the office is staffed, or contributing content, such as to YouTube.”
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