SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 27
Facebook in Development
“To be determined.”
“Plan to create a Facebook application for students to connect with each other for group study. In
“Not much at the moment.”
“Still experimental.”
Unspecified in Development
“This is something we are currently investigating.”
“We have not yet made anything. We are planning on it. We are thinking of creating a Facebook application.
But first we have to come up with one that will actually be used. Is there a way to use Facebook to tie people
together through the library resources they use and recommend? Is there a way to tie Facebook and Refworks
together? We want to go beyond just giving patrons another way to search the catalog.”
“The library has a group page, a ‘fan’ page, and a search application in Facebook. We use them to provide
library searches and service to students in an environment where they spend lots of time, and to provide a
more human face on the institution.”
“We began with a Facebook profile in summer 2006. When Facebook started shutting down profiles, we
switched to a Facebook group. We then moved to a Facebook page the day that service was launched. We
use Facebook as just one more way to promote the library. Students can chat with a librarian, search the
catalog, or post a comment about the library.”
“Account was created to allow users of Facebook to be a fan of the library.”
“Journal club discussion in health sciences disciplines. [MySpace]”
“Connect users via a medium they already use frequently. Embedded MeeboMe widget to enable reference
access within MySpace. Embedded library catalog search box.”
“The Libraries are using a university-based social networking site to provide basic information, tutorials,
research guides to different communities of users.”
“For professional networking and for internal community enhancement.”
“Individual librarians have profiles and communicate/collaborate online Facebook groups are being used for
libraries, subject resources, committee groups, publicity for Libraries-related events/contests...”
“Used to recruit for focus group participants (advertisement, also used by individual library staff members.)”
“Several units within the UVa Library have created Facebook profiles, including Brown SEL, Scholar’s Lab,
Digital Humanities, and Digital Media Lab. Alderman Library plans to create a profile in 2008. The Scholars’
Lab, for example, seeks to inform its patrons of upcoming events, to increase knowledge of our services
among students, and generally identify and connect with its user community.”
“Use varies depending on the primary user group. Our Bothell campus library uses Facebook to keep users
updated on library news and events. Library staff use Facebook as a way to keep in touch with one another
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