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faculty, staff, and students.
Library Hacks, Scholarly Communications, etc.
We’ve had internal staff blogs since 2002, but only launched public ones in 2007. We’re using them to
communicate with users and to invite feedback and comments.
Sheridan Libraries Blog
Our blog is an outreach and promotional tool with news, tips, and tricks for library users. It also incorporates
an online suggestion box.
Health Sciences Libraries Staff Blog
The Libraries are using the blog as a communication tool between library reference staff.
MLibrary Web Team
This blog is used to communicate with library staff and the general public about our Web redesign process.
Copyright Blog
Eiche Blogs
Presents “research ideas ripped from the headlines” to an undergraduate audience.
University Librarian’s blog
The University Librarian is using the blog to promote the library and show users that the library is using new
tools. The blog also highlights Yale Collections.
The Library of Congress Blog
To support the Library’s mission, increase public awareness of Library events and the rich materials in the
Library’s collections, and to provide a channel for two-way communications with the American public.
SIL Blog
Experimental still.
Same as for Wikis, but more for communication and marketing and less for documentation, but there will be
a good deal of cross over.
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