SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 111
“The sections of question 23 that asked to estimate the number of staff and percentage of staff time related
to social software was difficult, if not impossible, to quantify. Library staff throughout the library are involved
with social software to varying degrees, depending upon job requirements.”
“The Student Success Center at Sinclair Library is most likely to initiate and use social software in a significant
way in the coming years.”
“The total number of staff that are engaged with social software at the Library is a very small percentage of
Library overall staff. The question on how many hours on average are spent by staff on social software does
not appear to be limited to staff involved with social software but appears to be requesting an institution-
wide average. When averaged with all staff of the Library, that amount would be very small under one hour.”
“This is a space that has generated considerable staff conversation even in areas where the library has not
implemented activity. Most conversation in areas of instruction and by library Web committee.”
“This was a good stab at gathering together this disparate information. I look forward to seeing the results,
as well as a revised version that might address some of the questions/issues I encountered trying to complete
this survey. BTW, those ‘estimate how many hours/what percentage of your work is’ questions are hard
enough to accurately answer for an individual asking for that information on a library-wide scale (especially
for a large library) would really require them to run their own separate survey to get an accurate answer on
that, and there wasn’t enough lead time with this survey to run one here. Sorry. A more generic scale might
have been better (Out of all your staff, many staff do x: None, A Few, A Good Amount, Many, Most, All).
I realize that this is less exact, and open to subjective interpretation, but something tells me it might have
painted a more accurate picture than asking for exact numbers/percentages.”
“Use of social software at UBC Library is somewhat ad hoc no staff dedicated to leading or coordinating. The
service/learning/practice/doing is not rewarded explicitly. Some very talented librarians and paraprofessional
staff take individual initiative in developing training sessions and providing services. This is a growth area it is
catching on.”
“We love social software and see it as the future for promoting our services to users and look forward to
seeing further library use of these tools.”
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