SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 53
course syndication, and although many of our platforms support this, I am uncertain how many people opt to
subscribe to any of the feeds we are generating.
RSS is used quite extensively at the U of M Libraries.
RSS is used to promote library news and events, highlight new additions to our collections (print and
electronic), and to provide another means of access to our resources. We provide RSS feeds for all our subject
guides and course pages. We are in the midst of implementing RSS feeds for items people have checked out,
and searches people perform in the catalog (Primo). These are the examples I can think of off the top of my
head. Even with all this RSS activity, I still think we aren’t using it to its full potential. And of course, all our
UThink blogs also provide RSS feeds. The way that users are making use of these RSS feeds is an essay unto
Blogs, Digital Repository, CaseLearns, New Purchases
We use them to syndicate our blog entries, new content in our digital repository, promoting instructional
classes and promoting all new items added to the collection by subject category.
Blog Feeds, Library News Feeds, Citation Feeds
We provide RSS feeds from all our blogs, from the library news service, from our online exhibits, for job
postings, and for certain events. We also provide and consume RSS feeds for certain functionality in our
online catalog and other citation systems like Connotea and LibraryThing.
Branch Library
Display relevant content on relevant Web pages. Provide links to the RSS feed for anybody to subscribe to
Library RSS News Feed Information
Provides a feed of news stories as they are added to the library’s Web site.
New Book Acquisition Lists
RSS feeds offered for new book acquisitions lists in user-designated subject areas. RSS feeds offered for
podcasts &vodcasts. Feeds offered for access to library-created news services.
RSS of blog used to record digital services alerts (online catalog, commercial resources, etc.)
Communicate re service outages, known problems, resolution of access issues, etc.
Feeds for Blogs and Subject Guides
Users can subscribe to the feed for the blog users can subscribe to feeds for libguides to be updated when
guides change library staff can subscribe to a feed for a journal table of contents awareness update.
We have RSS feeds in Outlook staff e-mail.
Library of Congress News Feed
The Library uses RSS to syndicate “What’s new” items, events, and announcements, and to disseminate
information on specific topics of interest such as subject headings, classification, education, poetry, and
science reference.
Library Workshop Calendar
To pull information for the University workshop calendar to present to users on the library homepage.
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