94 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
“Blog pilot project will be doing a preliminary evaluation of the service and its impact on teaching, research
and communication by level of participation and uptake and other quantitative and qualitative methods.”
“We provide virtual reference users with the opportunity to provide feedback on the service.”
31. List up to three benefits of using social software in your library. N=55
Benefit Category Code Number of
Visibility/Presence/Access VPA 51
Communication Com 25
PR 21
Collaboration Col 12
Improved Service IS 9
Resource Discovery RD 9
Staff Skills SS 7
Sharing of Information SI 6
Flexibility/Customizability FC 5
Content Creation CC 4
Current Awareness CA 3
Experimentation EX 3
Easy to Use EZ 3
User Feedback UF 3
Participatory P 2
Fun F 2
Other O 11
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