SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 71
Search Plug-in for Online Catalog
Not much.
To add search functionality to iGoogle.
Meebo, etc.
We are developing widgets heavily Meebo, catalog, metasearch, Amazon/Catalog, toolbars, etc. It is my
hope to widgetize our entire library home page and enable users to take these widgets into the environments
that they choose to be in the most (like iGoogle or myYahoo!). We have already begun this effort through the
main MyU portal and a library-side implementation called ‘myLibrary.’ It has proven to be popular.
Catalog Search Plugin, Meebo
Plug-in that enables a catalog search box in the browser’s search bar. Also use Meebo widget as another way
to provide reference services for users via IM.
Facebook Widget for University of Texas Libraries
We’ve created a series of widgets for Facebook, iGoogle, etc. We’ve also created search plug-ins for the
browser for IE and Firefox. Our goal is to move library services into our users everyday activities.
iGoogle, wimzi
We have just begun developing iGoogle gadgets for iGoogle page customization. These will allow searching
of our resources from iGoogle. We are also implementing the AOL wimzi tool.
Meebo, etc.
Using Meebo widget for Web-based IM services. We have also created a Google gadget, a LibX edition, and
a Facebook app that users can install as widgets in the spaces they use.
Using Meebo extensively, LibGuides widget for embedding in course guides and on other sites,
QuestionPoint’s Qwidget. Also using Facebook, Flickr and del.icio.us badges to embed on LibGuides course
guides and other instructional pages.
Research JumpStart widgets
The Libraries’ Research JumpStart is a fully functional search interface almost entirely comprised of widgets
available for use in other online environments, such as iGoogle, Netvibes, and Facebook. Users may utilize the
tools on the Research JumpStart page, or using Widgetbox, take the tools elsewhere for easy future access.
Women’s Studies blogs
In this instance, to aggregate several Feminists/News/Women’s Studies blogs onto one page. These widgets
appear toward the end of the page under Feminist Blogs.
Luminis Integration
We will be developing library “channels” for the campus implementation of a Luminis student portal.
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