70 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
“MeeboMe, Plugoo chat with subject librarians.”
“The library moved from a commercial chat product to a widget-based IM in 2007. We embed the widget in
our Reference page, Facebook, and MySpace page.”
“Meebo is being used to provide IM services.”
“This Meebo widget is used by the Center for Educational Technologies (CET), which provides assistance to
faculty who want to integrate technology into their teaching.”
“The toolbar is for user ease, other widgets have been on webpages since 2005, also as a way to improve
“Under consideration for local online reference.”
“MeeboMe, Qwidget.”
“Some college liaisons use MeeboMe for their contact pages and subject guides.”
OCLC’s QuestionPoint Qwidget
UCR and other UC campuses are evaluating the recently released Meebo-like widget within QuestionPoint
(chat reference).
Chat reference.
Use in Libguides and IM Ref
Widgets are placed on research guides created with Libguides and used in Ask a Librarian for IM.
Used in the chat service
Widget is used to accept communications from AIM, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo!.
Although a variety of widgets are used on the library Web site and our other Web platforms, by far the most
popular right now is use of the wimzi widget to provide IM service to patrons.
Search Widgets
MedlinePlus Search Link
Provides graphics and text to link to MedlinePlus and any of its 750 health topic pages.
Catalog Search Application in Facebook
Developed a Facebook application that allows Facebook users to search the UCI Libraries’ catalog.
Created a library catalog applicaition for Facebook users
iGoogle gadget for searching our catalog and e-resources. We offer this widget so that people can embed a
search box for library resources in their iGoogle page, or any Web page.
LibX Toolbar
We provide a LibX toolbar for our users. We provide browser toolbars for searching our OPAC.
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