84 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
“Efforts are made to encourage staff to use these tools through demos, training, library guides. We have a
‘Not for Geeks Only’ program that gives a brief overview of a tool and encourages individual experimentation
and ‘playing’ with it. We also provide support for installing and using software and encourage in its use.”
“E-mail announcements.”
“E-mails sent to staff asking for volunteers.”
“Encouragement by Director.”
“Encouraging library staff to use IM for reference services in addition to several public forums on Web 2.0
tools. There are also efforts in the area of staff training on these tools.”
“Have had presentations on various social software in different settings to encourage participation by
highlighting the possibilities offered by them.”
“Informal spreading the word between colleagues, workshops, demos.”
“In-service training.”
“Intro tutorials, e-mails, info sessions.”
“Library presentation, training.”
“Library sponsored Web 2.0 training.”
“Marketing of and praise for units who have implemented these services through various internal library
communication channels. Various funding sources that can be (and have been) applied for to develop social
software pilot projects. BTW, the next section is really populated by best guesses, since all our participation
is voluntary, and some of it happens off the clock. The last question, in particular, “On average, about how
many hours per week do individual library staff members spend on social software activities?” is going to
give a skewed picture, since most staff _do not_ currently spend any time using social software (officially).
I would say, of those that are doing it, they spend 3-5 hours/week. But factor in the masses that don’t, and
the library average is the more pitiful 1 hour. Also, I am assuming for this next question you are asking how
many do this as part of their job so I’m basing my estimate on that (as many choose to participate in these
activities for their own amusement and edification).”
“Offering staff development and one-on-one assistance to encourage participation.”
“Participation in pilots and in departmental Wikis is required of some.”
“Presentations, training, information available via Web pages.”
“Promotional staff training programs which demonstrate the usefulness of application.”
“Reference staff has regularly been invited or had training sessions on various tools. Early in 2008 we are
going to have a training program based on the ‘Learning 2.0’ model for all KSL staff. In late 2008, it will be
rolled out to the entire Case community.”
“Requests for participation are issued and a certain amount of gentle arm twisting is done. If there is a strong
probability that the service will be adopted, e.g., Meebo, many librarians and staff tend to volunteer so that
they can participate in the evaluation.”
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