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How Do I...
Using Wiki as on online FAQ system.
Library FAQ
We have turned our Library FAQ into a Wiki using the MediaWiki Software.
Reference Support
IM Chat Reference Wiki
International information sharing for library staff doing IM chat reference.
Internal Reference Portal
The Wiki is used to share information between Library service desks on policies, staffing, reference questions/
assignments and problems.
Reference Staff Wiki
A communication tool for all Reference Librarians to keep up with databases, journals, printers, etc.
Reference Wiki
Internal communication within the Reference Department Knowledge base for reference information.
MMW Library Research Tool
Support undergraduate research assignment large class (7800 students) take “pressure” off the Reference
Information Literacy Support
Information Literacy Committee Wiki
The Wiki is designed to allow us to continually update and develop our information literacy manifesto and
implementation plan. They also use it as an easy way of managing information and making it available to the
rest of the staff.
Information Literacy Wiki
The Wiki is used to share information amongst group members.
Course-related Wiki
To support an information literacy course.
Group Project, Team, Committee Support
Internal Wiki used to coordinate library committee activities in support of annual College of General Studies
Capstone project in which teams of seven second-year students write fifty-page research reports choosing
one topic among twenty centered around one theme. Passworded, have removed password on last year’s
Cornell University Library Labs
Wikis are used extensively (on a more or less obligatory basis) for documenting and managing internal
projects and programs. Wikis used in faculty collaboration projects. Staff members add links to library content
in Wikipedia entries.
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