SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 63
“Professional Activities support. Library staff have used Skype for collaborating with colleagues outside of
UCR Libraries.”
“One librarian uses Skype to communicate with colleagues at other institutions and conduct business for
professional associations.”
“To provide service to remote users. When we have geographically remote users for whom a telephone call
would be expensive, we talk/chat via Skype.”
“Skype is used for teleconferencing: to connect staff between Keele and Glendon campuses, to participate in
online professional development, to connect YUL researchers and staff to researchers from other institutions.”
“Not widely implemented. Contact between people in library information technology work group. Some
individuals with international partnerships have Skype also.”
“We are experimenting with Skype. We have started a study to evaluate the effectiveness of using Skype for
references and to support distance education.
Phone Service
All phone systems at the Smithsonian
All Smithsonian phones went VOIP in 2005/06.
Telephone Service
All our phones have been converted to VoIP phones.
Horizon Wimba
Use Horizon Wimba to conduct meetings with representatives from libraries from around the state.
Teaching, Learning, Training Support
Adobe Connect
To communicate with teleworking staff or staff at other libraries. To communicate with users for training and
instructional purposes.
Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional
Seminars have been presented for Libraries faculty and staff located throughout 24 Penn State campuses via
Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional. Examples of seminars presented include blogs and Wikis podcasting
and Google Docs.
Elluminate for Distance Education Library Instruction
Elluminate is an online synchronous classroom that uses VOIP, chat, co-browsing, and application sharing.
Librarians use it to hold library instruction sessions for Distance Education students. Also in development at
the campus level.
Horizon Live Classroom
Rarely used but provides the capacity to use VOIP to talk with students who are in distance ed courses
primarily to conduct remote user instruction sessions. The Horizon live classroom is integrated into our
Blackboard system.
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