80 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
implementation of technology that should improve our approach.”
“Normally, social software initiatives are managed on a project-by-project basis, but occasionally, ad hoc
committees are formed.”
“An ad hoc blog coordinating working group is chaired by the Instructional Services Coordinator. Podcasts are
developed and coordinated by the Instructional Services Coordinator. All other initiatives are self-managed by
those individuals who choose to participate.”
“The organization and management of social software initiatives and activities vary depending on the activity.
Virtual reference service is coordinated by a standing committee some blogs and RSS feeds are managed by
specific individuals in the relevant unit several individuals in departmental libraries manage their own blogs,
and Wikis.”
“Each library unit has its own specific use of the social software initiatives. For example, the Library
Instruction unit manage the content of the Flickr account, Public Services manage the chat software, and Web
Services manage the blog and Wiki software.”
“The organization and management of social software initiatives is a combination of individual efforts with
efforts coordinated and assisted by the administration of individual units, the Public Services Committee of
the Libraries and the Office of Web Development and Services.”
“Activities are generally initiated and implemented at the departmental level.”
“We are in the beginning stages of testing some social networking software with library staff and users.
Because this work is being done by individual librarians to meet particular needs, there is no coordination at
this point, and we really cannot complete the survey. However, individuals are experimenting with blogs for
both staff and users, YouTube, Facebook, del.icio.us. RSS feeds, etc. A new Web site is in the design phase
and once that is rolled out, we will be in a better position to take advantage of social networking software in
a more coordinated effort.”
“Some overseen by library technology services section, some oversight by other library staff.”
Unit, Team, Committee
“Digital Services and Technology Planning provide infrastructure support. Research and Instruction
Department and related departments provide service.”
“Several departments and working groups work in this area: Reference and Instruction services as well as
Web Services/Editors groups.”
“Community Tools Product Team (under the Information Technology Advisory Committee) 7 members.
Otherwise, many initiatives are department based, with individuals responsible for their own activities.”
“Several committees and groups in the library work on these social software initiatives including a group
focused on Next Gen OPACS, a Course Management System Task Force, and the reference group.”
“The Library’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) in the Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) created in 2001, is
responsible for the development, maintenance, oversight, and enforcement of policies, standards, and systems
and approves all new Web initiatives. Within OSI, Web Services Division and the Information Technology
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