SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 47
Julia Royall’s Blog
A journal and news source about an International project.
Library Technology Services Blog
Announce and store reference information to support teamwork and joint projects of Library Technology
Services staff.
Depends on which blog. However, almost all of them are aimed at communication with our users to publicize
library services, events (and sometimes, sadly, service interruptions.)
Library blog
This is used to record user comments as well as library responses.
Instruction Department Blog
Intranet blog (drupal) for internal service desk communication use of blogger for various unit and
departmental blogs Technology tips blog.
beTech for the Scholars’ Lab
Scholars’ Lab uses beTech to facilitate communication among programmers on grounds. BeTech acts as
a social center for programmers and other techies throughout the library and IT groups at UVa. Sharing
information on cool new tools, programming techniques, and upcoming events, the beTech blog has spawned
several “beCamp” events and the ever-popular “beerTech” social outings.
Blue 2.0: Twelve Weeks to a Connected Library
Our Engineering Library launched a blog in 2006. The blog in the example above was created for our ‘23
things’-style learning program for library staff in 2008.
Used for Calendar Information
We have a staff site for entering information on training opportunities. Some faculty have individual blogs.
Leisure Reading Collection
We use it for our leisure reading collection, but also for our library news service for faculty and students
I have a blog that I use as a communication tool for student workers.
The blog is used as a communication tool within units and among units in the library.
Theology Library Director Blog
One of four blogs in support of the Theology Library’s online Web presence. Two internal staff blogs have
been instituted at Mugar, main research library in 2008. One for reference staff to share among themselves
and one for staff to report on meetings and conferences attended.
Create a two-way transparent communication between library and users.
Women’s Studies Liblog
Information blog pertaining to Women’s Studies: UConn events, new Web resources for research and
assignments, new book lists, updates on library services and new products. Open to alumni as well as current
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