SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 93
30. Has your library attempted to evaluate the use of social software? N=59
Yes 30 51%
No 29 49%
If yes, what metrics are used to assess social software activities? Check all that apply. N=30
Volume of hits, level of participation 29 97%
Links to library project(s) by users 7 23%
Change of users attitude toward the library
(As seen through surveys, LibQUAL+, etc.) 7 23%
Increased library publicity 5 17%
Other 11 37%
Please describe other metrics.
“BANR Blog creators have surveyed users. Subscribers are another measure for blogs.”
“Self-designed online survey.”
“Surveys to access level of instruction in online reference.”
Text/Transcript Analysis
“Analysis of instant messenger transcripts.”
“Informal qualitative analysis of blog comments and suggestion box comments as well as the utility of the
blog to generate volunteers for projects and input has been used to gauge general interest and reach of the
“We have done an analysis of our chat transactions over the first five years of the service. We looked at
demographics, subject areas, and volume. We are currently developing the second phase of this assessment
which will measure user satisfaction and user expectations.”
“We save and review chat transcripts.”
Usability Analysis
“Usability testing and User Needs studies.”
“We are in the process of assessing the data received a part of our Flickr pilot which will include an
evaluation of the utility and type of tags received, verifiability of the historical data provided, etc.”
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