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IM Only
IM Reference
Instant Librarian
Instant Librarian is available when classes are in session, and is open later than reference desks in the
Libraries. The service began using AOL Instant Messenger, and now uses Meebo. Use of the service continues
to grow. Some units also use chat tools to facilitate communication among staff members whose offices are
scattered throughout buildings and locations.
To communicate with NLM’s hearing impaired and other staff in our daily work. Especially useful for
facilitating communication when staff are located in other physical locations in the library and/or when
working flexiplace.
Provide Reference Service to Library Users (AOL Instant Messenger)
We have been using instant messenger services as a means of providing reference services for several years
A good mix of internal and external use for communication. There is no library wide IM, but there is a de
facto adoption of many AIM and Google Talk for staff communication on a voluntary basis.
AIM, Meebo, Jabber
Reference services are provided through various IM/chat services, including some collaborative reference with
other libraries.
For communication, questions, reference.
Instant Messaging
Two of the branches have set up IM accounts and put Meebo boxes on their Web pages as a supplement to
the YUL virtual reference system. “IM a business librarian directly: We’re bizyork on AIM, MSN, and Google
Talk, and bronfmanlibrary on Yahoo!”
IM (AOL &Yahoo! Instant Messenger)
Libraries’-wide IM reference service is provided for users. Subject libraries, campus libraries, and individual
librarians also provide reference service via Instant Messenger. Additionally, several subject libraries are using
IM widgets to provide instant, easy access to IM reference.
Trillian Aggregator for Reference Service and AOL wimzi
Reference IM services. Use of wimzi widget for those who do not have IM logins.
Trillian to Monitor: ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, &AOL Local Crafty Server for Chat
We began using IM in 2006 in 2007 we added our own “Live Help” server -this allows us to place a widget
on any Web page, so that students can contact us at just about any point they need help, whether they have
an IM account or not.
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