78 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
“The libraries’ standing committee, Public Services Council, has primary responsibility. The Web Services team
in the Technical and Automated Services (TAS) department provides primary technological support for the
development of social software initiatives selected by PSC. The Web Services Unit reports to the Director of
Integrated Information Systems, who reports to the Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems.”
“Most activities are managed by the Virtual Library Group Committee and Web Development Librarian.
Virtual Reference is coordinated by a single person, Virtual Reference Coordinator.”
20. Please provide the following information about the social software department/unit: Name of
department/unit Position title of department head Year department/unit was created Number
of staff in the department/unit Position to which the department/unit head reports. N=4
Department Name Department Head Created Staff Reports to
Digital Library Services
and Reference Dept.
Head, Digital Initiatives and
Head, Reference Dept.
Assoc. Dean of Libraries for
Collection &Technology Services
and Associate Dean of Libraries
for Research &Instruction
Reference and
Instructional Services
Head of reference and
instructional services
years ago
13 Associate University Librarian
for Research and Instructional
Technology Integration
Head Librarian 2006 5 Associate Director for User
New Media Office Head, New Media Office 2002 6 Director of Libraries
“We do have a digital technologies librarian in the RIS who coordinates some of these activities and develops
Web 2.0 technology tools.”
“We have active participation in social software initiatives across the organization. Library Instruction
Services, Reference and Information Services, and other units are very active with our Technology Integration
Services team, pushing these initiatives forward. Our library catalog interface team is also very active. Most
ideas bubble up from staff. The administration is very supportive of these efforts.”
“Still primarily in an experimental stage staff in the New Media Office are working to identify the tools to use
and encouraging all library staff to explore and start working with new tools that can be brought into the fold
of potential tools.”
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