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Brief description of how the library is using the site.
Intranet/Staff Wiki
The library is currently testing Confluence to be used as an intranet portal for library personnel.
Intranet -sharing information and planning in groups/committees/departments, staff communication, student
Library Staff Wiki
The library uses the Wiki as a communication tool for all library staff. Each unit within the library has it’s own
Library Staff Wikis
Several departments at the University of Virginia Library employ internal Wikis that serve as places for
announcements and knowledge bases. These Wikis are often used to train students or as a “fall back”
information source when no full-time staff are present. In addition, the new collaboration suite “UVa
Collab,” based on the Sakai toolset, includes broad use of Wikis. To create content related to the work of
communities, committees, task forces both within and outside the library. To share news and information
that might otherwise be shared via email. It cuts down on email and also stores the information in a way
that is more easily retrieved. Topics included in the blog include library-specific news, University news, higher
education news, technology tidbits and more. Everyone on our library staff is able to contribute posts and
comments to the blog.
TWiki (used as an Intranet)
Internal documentation for the Information Technology Services unit. Some other units within the organization
also used the Wiki, but the syntax was difficult to learn, and thus the Wiki did not gain widespread use.
University of Connecticut Libraries’ Staff Wiki
Training and communication within the library. Google searchable so it is a model for other libraries to see.
WolfWikis is a Wiki service for the NCSU community to create their own Wikis (i.e., for classes, student
organizations). The staff intranet also has a Wiki used by numerous groups of library staff working on
committees, task forces, and project teams. Groups use it to collaborate, share notes, etc.
The IT departments began using Wikis in 2002 for planning and internal communication. We set up a library-
wide intranet in 2005, where all library staff have access to Wiki tools. The university supports a campus-
wide Wiki functionality, but it is not used much by library staff because we have our own internal system that
predates it.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Provides responses to recurring questions about library services. There are also many staff Wikis for policies
and procedures.
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