SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 51
Delivery of updated information on new videos
Library News
News and Events
Used to promote events in this special collection.
UK Libraries News
The library uses RSS to share information about library news and events. This information was formerly only
distributed in a listserv (and likely as a paper newsletter prior to that).
News Feed
An RSS news feed about the University of Texas Libraries.
News and Events at the UW Libraries
Embedded within a Web page. For users who want to keep up with libraries news and events, this is a great
way to do this without having to visit the Web site.
Zoo Library Page
Get news on zoos.
Library News &Announcements
Using RSS to provide feed of library news and announcements to those who elect to subscribe to it. Have also
instituted RSS in catalog with ILS product.
Your Library Newsletter
Faculty and staff can elect to receive the monthly library newsletter through RSS.
To Publicize News
We use to publicize news about what is going on in the libraries and university.
Library News
At present it is used to provide Library news, provide information to blogs and Web pages.
Library News (main home page)
Library news events.
Collection Updates
New Books Listings
We have since approximately 2004 had RSS feeds for library news and all our new book listings have been
RSS enabled for both library and subject based RSS feeds since 2004.
New Books RSS
Showcasing new books by subject, holding library, format, language.
New Collection Update
Update users with new collections.
Lists of New Books by Library and Subject
To provided lists of new books to users.
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