SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 85
“Seminars on the use of a variety of social software, including RSS, del.icio.us, LibraryThing, Wikis, blogs,
podcasting, and more.”
“Sessions have been offered to raise awareness and provide basic training.”
“Several brown bag presentations and discussions.”
“Some brown bag lunches have been given to provide basic understanding of these tools.”
“Staff are given time to experiment. IT staff have procedures to quickly respond to requests to install social
software, following a basic review process. Early adopters share their experiences with colleagues and offer
training and assistance.”
“Staff e-mails and workshops to promote and instruct staff on use of social software technologies.”
“Staff presentations and training sessions.”
“The Instruction and Information Literacy Working Group has provided workshops in various Web 2.0 tools.”
“The Public Services department held a series of brown bag discussions on social software and developed a
voluntary tutorial program to help librarians and staff explore various types of social software.”
“There are brown Bag lunches, training sessions, presentations at meetings. Staff are welcome to join the
ETIG to explore technologies they are interested in. Staff are also provided training on the use of social
software on a request basis by the Web Librarian.”
“There is lots of focus and energy behind ‘2.0’ technologies, and strong administrative support.”
“Training and briefing sessions are held on the applications.”
“Training series: TOTS Series (open to all) Hands-on practice opportunities (open to all) Committees support
through working groups/planning: Reference &Instruction Committee eLibrary Committee.”
“We have an Advanced Library Technology group dedicated to exploring Web 2.0 technologies.”
“We have offered programs and workshops where staff share their knowledge and encourage others to
become more involved.”
“We have practice sessions as needed and requested.”
“We have run several sessions on social software and certainly staff are encouraged to participate.”
“We launched our ‘23 things’-style training program, Blue 2.0, to encourage staff to use social software.”
“We’ve had several classes and training sessions for staff all about these new technologies and how to use
“Workshops have been held on RSS, Second Life, Flickr and Facebook.”
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