SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 73
LibX Extension
Some library webpages are embedding coins so that LibX can read the metadata and link directly to the
resource online. The extension also allows patrons to link to our OPAC from outside sources.
LibX Toolbar
The LibX toolbar is currently under development and will be rolled out in the spring.
Podcasts Physiotherapy and Science &Engineering
To provide content of physiotherapy (and other subjects) workshops/seminars to Internet users.
We launch weekly pod- or vodcasts (while school is in session) that highlight library resources and services.
Podcasts and Videocasts
We record library events for podcasts and videocasts in our iTunes University site we are exploring involving
more users in these programs.
Podcasting miscellaneous
“Podcasting Web meetings (via Adobe Connect).”
“Podcasts available on iTunesU library tools available via iGoogle (personalized Web portal tool).”
Social Networking
Hosted Social Networking Site
We established a “virtual workspace” environment for student use in 2007 using the ELGG software. We
have since made the decision to discontinue this service.
Facebook Experiment
One Library faculty member has established a Facebook page for Library to interact with students.
Social Bookmarking/Tagging
Added easy social bookmarking capabilities to our various blogs for user convenience.
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