SPEC Kit 304: Social Software in Libraries · 23
“Grassroots effort by reference librarian group within a consortium to which BU Libraries belong.”
“New cubicle work environment necessitated use of chat for day-to-day office communication. Began
considering chat for reference service as a result.”
“Such software was discussed at a meeting as a possible management and training tool.”
“With Web site redesign, decided to use RSS and blog software to communicate effectively with students.
This had arisen in focus groups.”
5. What objective(s) does the library hope to achieve through the use of social software? Check all
that apply. N=61
Increased user awareness of library collections and services 56 92%
Delivery of services, such as reference assistance, to users 53 87%
Establish rapport with users in online environments 48 79%
Support for faculty in teaching and learning 36 59%
Gain better understanding of user online behavior 25 41%
Other 15 25%
Please explain other objective.
“Better communication among staff (via Wikis).”
“Better internal communication.”
“Collaboration and communication among library staff.”
“Communication re 2005–2006 renovation of library building.”
“The Wiki was originally for in-house communication and development. It was open to view through Google
and several of our Wikis were well respected early on. The blogs were both discipline specific and topic
specific (like Information Literacy).”
“Enable the existing networks of trust on campus to operate in a more integrated way with library services.
Also to encourage more interactivity with our user community.”
“Enhanced pedagogy.”
“Explore new methods for service delivery while these technologies are still in the formative stages.”
“Faculty involvement in the library.”
“Increased access to libraries search tools in a variety of online environments.”
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