81 SPEC Kit 360: Learning Analytics COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY Information Collection and Personal Records Privacy http://policylibrary.colostate.edu/policyprint.aspx?id=493 especially inherent benefits, commitment to complying with these policy provisions, including the quality of the protections to be implemented to ensure IT security and privacy and proper data disposal, and the effort involved granting access and in implementing such protections. Before access or use, departments are required to provide relevant employees a copy of this policy and ensure they understand these provisions to ensure protection of the privacy of students and employees. 3. Access and use shall be controlled via an approved login and password as specified in the CSU IT Security Policy. 4. Files containing digital ID photos shall not be copied or shared in any manner except as specifically authorized herein in advance. 5. Viewing digital photographs shall be done in a manner that is discreet, reasonably viewable only by authorized personnel. 6. COMPLIANCE WITH THIS POLICY Abuse or misuse of RamCard ID photos shall be reported to the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology. Violation of this policy may result in revocation of access without notice, and may be subject to disciplinary consequences, and/or legal action. POLICY GOVERNANCE The Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC) is responsible for this policy, including initiating modifications and changes as necessary to remain current with technological and legal requirements. REFERENCES CSU Privacy Statement and Related Information CSU Policy on Information Technology Security CSU Policy on Social Security Numbers APPROVALS Version 1.0 Approved by ITEC: July 8, 2004 Version 1.1 Approved by ITEC: July 21, 2005
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