102  Institution Privacy Policies WESTERN UNIVERSITY Official Student Record Information Privacy Policy https://www.uwo.ca/univsec/pdf/academic_policies/general/privacy.pdf Academic Handbook, General Policy, Student Record Information Privacy Policy Page 3 Last Revised: 2008 08 law. General statistical material drawn from academic records that does not disclose the identities of prospective applicants, applicants, students, alumni/ae or former students may be released for research and information purposes authorized by the University. 3. Information Contained in Official Student Records Official Student Records, in electronic or paper form, contain the following information relating to a student’s application, admission, and performance at the University: (a) personal information (name, address, e-mail address, telephone, date of birth, citizenship, social insurance number, student number, photograph, etc.) (b) basis of admission information (application, record of previous studies, letters of recommendation, test results, etc.) (c) registration and enrollment information (programs of study, dates of attendance, academic load, courses taken, credits transferred, etc.) (d) performance information (grades, averages and ranks, narrative evaluations, clinical evaluations, distinctions/awards, special permissions, academic counselling information, degrees obtained, requirements to withdraw, scholastic offence decisions1, etc.) (e) decisions relating to academic appeals/petitions (f) decisions against a student, including appeal decisions, under the Code of Student Conduct (g) medical information given to a Faculty related to a student’s performance that is provided by or collected with the consent of the student and (h) financial information (tuition fees and other charges, payments, awards, debts, etc.). The following information is not considered to form part of the Official Student Record and is not covered by the provisions of this policy: medical information provided to Student Health Services information relating to the employment by the University of current students, alumni/ae or former students and information other than basic demographic data that is maintained by or on behalf of Alumni Affairs and Development and which is deemed to constitute the Official Alumni Record. 4. Access to and Disclosure of Information (a) “Public” Personal Information It is the practice of the University to consider the following information to be publicly available and to provide it to third parties in response to requests (e.g., confirmation of information for a potential employer) without first seeking the consent of the individual each and every time a request is received: Full name Degree(s) awarded by Western and date(s) conferred, if applicable 1 Access to and disclosure of any information relating to a scholastic offence that is not recorded on a student’s transcript, such as a decision letter, is governed by Senate regulations and not this policy (see “Release of Information Concerning Scholastic Offences” in the Academic Calendar).
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