24 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses If you indicated that your library contributes Other data with identifiers, please briefly describe that data. N=1 Student PIDs for students who visit Peer Research Assistants (as noted above, these are not entered for every interaction). If you indicated that your library contributes Other data without identifiers, please briefly describe that data. N=1 Use of library created videos, use of LibGuides Additional comments N=10 Again, we share data with a personal identifier (student ID) but no information on what book, article, database, etc. the person used. Although we do not currently contribute any data with identifiers, we plan on doing this in the near future. Specific examples include research consultations, instruction attendance, workshop attendance, and other learning-related opportunities. Budget information and volume counts to Institutional Analysis & Planning for KPIs. Library usage information during presentations about the library. Building usage: yes, as door counts. Course-integrated instruction attendance: yes, aggregated instruction sessions of all types. For annual reporting (ARL, ACRL, IPEDS/NCES) is in aggregate with no identifiers. Security camera data is only shared with the campus police department as a result of an incident. There are only a few cases we are sharing aggregate numbers with the university at this time. These are total number counts. For example, total number of item circulations in a fiscal year, total number of reference and research consultations in a fiscal year. We are not currently sharing any of this type of data. We share summaries and data visualizations about use of library materials, workshops, and as part of curricular assessments (e.g., accreditation). 17. If your library is not contributing all of its data to your institution, what are the reasons for not doing so? Check all that apply. N=41 Privacy concerns 21 51% Confidentiality concerns 18 44% Resources (time, personnel) 16 39% Lack of identifiers 8 20% Bureaucracy 7 17% Cannot collect appropriate data 7 17% Cannot access data from different data sources 4 10% Cannot provide data in formats required 3 7% Other reason 23 56% Please specify the other reason. N=23 As far as I know, the university has never asked for this data, except during re-affirmation periods.
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