122  Data Security Policies JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Homewood Institutional Review Board | Data Security http://homewoodirb.jhu.edu/investigators/data-security/ Search this site ! Explore KSAS " The Johns Hopkins University Homewood Institutional Review Board Using Personal Identifiers Security Checklist Home (http://homewoodirb.jhu.edu/) / Investigators (http://homewoodirb.jhu.edu /investigators/) / Data Security Data Security Data Security Measures When Using Personal Identifiers Avoid copying or downloading sensitive data from any administrative systems to your desktop computer, home computer, laptop, mobile device, portable storage device, etc. unless absolutely required. 1. If downloading is unavoidable: Check to see if there are unnecessary confidential data variables included in the data set, such as Social Security Numbers. If so, then delete those data variables. a. Ensure that if you delete private information using a “track changes” feature, that you “accept all changes” and save your document in final form, not showing your markup. b. When possible, use a random study ID number to identify the data from each subject, and store the code or link in a location that is physically separate from the dataset itself. c. Encrypt the data d. Password Protect the data e. Physically protect devices that can be easily moved such as a laptop f. Use remote “Kill” functionality where possible. g. 2. Never store your subjects’ personally identifiable information on your 3.
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