70  Library Privacy Statements and Policies SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Privacy Policy https://library.syr.edu/policy/privacy-policy.pdf Page 6 Libraries Privacy Policy (Version 2.0) Updated October 4, 2013 Summary This chart summarizes the Libraries’ information gathering practices. Service Type Individual Information Required? University Information Required? Web site browsing Browsing only No No Web site browsing Authenticated services1 No Yes Reference2 In-Person No No Reference2 Online Optional Yes Catalog (SUMMIT) Browsing only No No Catalog (SUMMIT) Authenticated services1 No Yes Circulation All No Yes Inter-Library Loan All Yes Yes Online Databases3 On-campus No Maybe Online Databases3 Off-campus No Yes Technology Loan All Yes Yes Library Research Initiatives All Optional Optional Business transactions4 All Yes No Notes: 1Authenticated services often require University Identification. Includes consultations with the Copyright & Information Policy Adviser. 2On-campus, wireless use of online databases presumes prior authentication to the University network (including AirOrange). 3University Information is required to login from a Library computer workstation. 4Federal regulations may require taxpayer identification numbers for certain Business Transactions (including selling books to the Library). Service
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