11 SPEC Kit 360: Learning Analytics Additional comments N=4 Learning analytics is being done more in a collaborative way, rather than a centrally coordinated way at this time. Learning analytics activities initiate centrally and data reports are pulled from a central office of institutional research, but ad hoc data are requested as required by other initiatives. No formal program, charge, or assignment exists. Not at the Libraries. The Learning Analytics Group (collaboration between the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology) aims to coordinate and develop initiatives, but does not manage, oversee, or approve individual department, college, and administrative projects. See above. Learning Innovation is often the starting point for learning analytics projects and initiatives, but Learning Innovation is not considered our centralized owner of learning analytics. The Teaching & Learning with Technology (TLT) group is farthest along, but many groups are responsible for and involved in learning analytics initiatives, including World Campus and Undergraduate Education. INSTITUTION DATA STORAGE Note: Institutions use data warehouses, or a central set of databases, to aggregate and store data of interest This can include, but is not limited to, student data from systems like student information systems, student activities data, university budget data, and human resources data. People throughout the institution are given different levels of access to the central data warehouse based on their institutional needs for access to the data. 3. Please indicate which of the following describes how student data is stored at your institution. Check all that apply. N=51 Data is stored in a central data warehouse 41 80% Data is stored by the office/department that collects it 38 75% Data is stored in a separate learning analytics warehouse 9 18% Data is stored in another repository 10 20% Please briefly describe the other repository. N=10 Assessment and Research maintains separate files specifically for learning analytics analysis projects. This is not a formal repository, but rather a server space (via Box Entrusted). Data is stored in many different systems across the library. Some data is stored in our ILS, other resource management tools for reserves, e-resources, and Inter Library Loan. Currently, working with our library IT, we’ve been developing a data store for assessment and analytics purpose. Other storage locations for staff are varied and include Spring Share, Google Sheets, internal networked drives, cloud-based storage options provided by the institution, on computer files, internal back-up drives, computer files, and sheets of paper (although the paper tallies eventually are converted to a computer file for reporting purposes). Data is stored in several different databases. These serve different purposes based on how the data- points are usually reported.
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