33 SPEC Kit 360: Learning Analytics Typically once every few years and in response to new policy developments. Last update was in 2012. Unknown Varies Yearly 32. Has your library’s privacy policy changed in response to learning analytics initiatives? N=37 Yes 7 19% No 30 81% If yes, please briefly describe how it changed. N=5 Library does not have a specific privacy policy but our data handling is guided by state and federal laws and professional codes and guidelines. Meaning that, the university-level privacy policy has changed in response to an environment that takes into consideration learning analytics, and the university-level policy will supersede the Libraries policy. On occasion, with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval and with individual library user consent, the library may collect personal information to conduct user behavior research as part of our effort to continue enhancing our services. Please see responses above, we are going to determine this information. We created the “Responsible Use of Library Data” statement just prior to initiating the learning analytics project. 33. Do you inform students about your library learning analytics initiatives? N=43 Yes 18 42% No 25 58% If yes, after being informed about library learning analytics, do students have an opportunity to opt in or opt out? N=15 Can opt in 4 27% Can opt out 5 33% Can neither opt in or opt out 6 40% 34. Does the library obtain institutional review board (IRB) approval for its learning analytics initiatives? N=40 Yes 28 70% No 12 30% 35. Does the library consult with university officials regarding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and/or other similar legal requirements for its learning analytics work? N=40 Yes 24 60% No 16 40%
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