27 SPEC Kit 360: Learning Analytics The Business Intelligence System is evolving to the point where data from the library could be incorporated. We expect to share more data in the future. The Libraries are in early stages of participation in learning analytics and anticipates collecting more data in the future. The library has not been seen as engaging in learning analytics, but this is an undertaking that is increasingly valued across the libraries, library administration, and the provost’s office. There is some internal learning curve on how to best undertake this work, but it is exciting to see capacity and interest for this type of work growing across the libraries. The library is interested in contributing to the success of the institution and our faculty and students. There are multiple challenges involved in moving in that direction, but work has started, slowly. The library shares aggregate data with the institution to demonstrate our value. We do not contribute to an institutional data warehouse. We do not share identified data with the institution. Useful/important for us to be involved in discussions, but we don’t know whether our data itself will be useful. We are just getting to the point where this is a priority its not that it can’t be done but we are in the process and there are various barriers that simply take time and evidence to change. Within the Libraries, we are certainly interested in knowing more about how users are engaging with library resources and so have begun collecting more information. I also believe it’s beginning to be important to the university that we collect and share library-related data. Up to this point, it has not been a high priority for the university to collect library data. LIBRARY USE OF INSTITUTIONAL DATA 22. Does the library join/connect its data with institutional data via a common identifier for learning analytics purposes? N=48 Yes 13 27% No 35 73% 23. Does the institution place stipulations on how the library must handle institutional data? N=40 Yes 28 70% No 12 30% If yes, please briefly explain the stipulations. N=27 All projects using patron data need to be approved by IRB. “Honest brokers” need to be used when connecting data points with individual identifiers. All university data must be handled according to university-wide data management policies and procedures. “All users of University information technology (IT) resources are required to use them in an ethical, professional, and legal manner.” “Use of the University’s information technology (IT) resources shall support the basic missions of the University in teaching, research, public service, and healthcare. Users of the University’s IT resources are responsible for using these resources appropriately and respecting the rights of others.” Data is largely anonymized.
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