119 SPEC Kit 360: Learning Analytics JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Policy on Access and Retention of Research Data and Materials http://dms.data.jhu.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2016/08/JHUDataRetentionPolicy2008_ WithAppendices.pdf Others involved in the project may remove copies (but not originals) of the Research Data with permission of the Primary Responsible Investigator. 7. MAINTENANCE AND REVISION OF THE RESEARCH DATA: The Primary Responsible Investigator of the research project is the person directly responsible for maintenance of Research Data created on that project. In order to support the project’s credibility and the University’s rights and ability to meet obligations related to the Research Data, should any revisions to final Research Data be contemplated, the Primary Responsible Investigator must notify the appropriate offices in the University and the originator of the information. The Primary Responsible Investigator must retain the original Research Data. See also Appendix IV. APPENDICES, WEB LINKS, AND/OR FORMS: I. RESPONDING TO REQUESTS FOR ACCESS BY NON-HOPKINS ENTITIES UNDER FOIA (Policy and Cost Reimbursement Form) II. TRANSFER OF RESEARCH DATA FROM JHU CUSTODIANSHIP (Optional Approval Form) III. LINK TO UNIVERSITY POLICIES (http://jhuresearch.jhu.edu/policies.htm) IV. APPROVED METHODS OF ARCHIVAL V. TIME MINIMUMS FOR ARCHIVAL
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