20 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Library fines are shared with the registrar’s office. Limited aggregated use data (for an academic department online program) was shared as a test. Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning, Office of Undergraduate Education, Department of English, College of Communication, Department of History Office of Institutional Research, course-integrated instruction data is shared with local APAS system. Office of Research, for annual reporting (ARL, ACRL, IPEDS/NCES) in aggregate with no identifiers. Office of the Provost OIPR, dean’s office, Office of Academic Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness OIT, so that identifiers can be married to the demographic data they maintain. Provided to the instructors of the classes. Provost’s office and Institutional Research and Institutional Management, Office of Institutional Effectiveness Research Office Statistics on workshops & consultations to Graduate Studies & Post-doctoral Affairs The library contributes aggregated data to the various academic departments, the Office of the Provost, the Budget Office. We contribute data to the provost’s office annually for both institutional goals and initiatives that the library and museums undertook. We also provide a libraries and museum dashboard of some key facts and operational usage data for the building, collection usage, research consultations, and instructional statistics. If your library doesn’t yet contribute data to the institution but plans to, please describe when that will begin, what data will be included, and where the data will go. N=10 A request for library data has been made by the provost’s office. We are now in discussions about what data could be made available and to ensure that it is not going to be used for purposes contrary to ALA privacy guidelines. A university-wide survey working group Student Affairs Office of Planning & Institutional Assessment. There is no slated time for when this process will begin, no specific data identified, and no specific location identified for the data at this time. Currently, in collaboration with faculty in the School of Education, we are exploring how to map internal research collaborations among various academic departments both at our university and other peer institutions. During re-affirmations, we share data with the SACS steering committee. Institute for Social Research Library consultation services may be included in the Learning Analytics initiative at the university. Summer 2019: ILS data ILL database usage These plans have not yet been determined. Unizin Data Platform, but we don’t yet know specifics of what they will want or what we will share. While we are willing to experiment, we do not yet know whether library data will be useful for institution-wide learning analytics purposes.
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