40 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses contact points (check outs, journal use, study room booking, research consultation scheduling) with students and categorize them into groups or cohorts? It’s not possible. One note regarding our institutional data collection the library is planning to join the university EAB initiative, however we haven’t joined yet. The Libraries are not involved in learning analytics at this time and has no immediate plans to do so. This is an emergent area of practice. As we develop strategies to move forward, we are aligning to university policy and procedure. We expect this area to further develop over the next year. We are participating with efforts such as Unizin and IMLS grants to further our infrastructure policy framework and practices. We are implementing a new business analytics system, and are exploring how, and how much, to get the Libraries integrated into this environment. We do instructional assessment for our own use to assess effectiveness. Ethics approval is not usually required for internal service assessment. We have a library data community of practice where data discussions can take place. Google analytics runs on our websites. We feel that it IS possible to participate in institutional initiatives that improve the experiences and outcomes of our students without compromising student privacy or our professional ethics. Although we value our ability to contribute to learning analytics discussions on our campus, we will not contribute data to learning analytics unless there is evidence that the data we can provide will make a positive difference for our students. While we are aware of and very interested in library value research, it was not clear how the Siemens definition and library as value relate to the survey questions—as some questions were very broad, while others were focused. It was also not entirely clear in every question if institution referred to the library or the university, so we interpreted it sometimes as the library, and other times as the university depending on the answer we provided. Lastly, in most of the answers, we did not include the assessment initiatives of the Center for Educational Resources, as it has different goals and practices in place for analytics that are separate from the library even though administratively housed in the same building and sometimes aligning on outreach, initiatives, and goals.
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