104  Institution Privacy Policies WESTERN UNIVERSITY Official Student Record Information Privacy Policy https://www.uwo.ca/univsec/pdf/academic_policies/general/privacy.pdf Academic Handbook, General, Privacy Page 5 Issued: 2008 08 earnings is restricted to financial aid staff in the Office of the Registrar, and to a limited number of authorized staff in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Housing and Ancillary Services, Deans’ and other administrative offices. Relevant information is routinely provided to government agencies with a legitimate need to know, such as those involved in the administration of scholarship or financial aid programs. The Department of Advancement Services and the Department of Alumni Relations and Development will be permitted access to personal information relating to the identity and location of prospective applicants, applicants and students in order to maintain contact with the individuals and inform them of events, programs and services. Ensuring the security and privacy of personal information is a collective responsibility of the Office of the Registrar and Faculty of Graduate Studies, and the Deans, Chairs, Directors and managers of academic and administrative units. All full-time and part-time faculty and staff who receive this information must be formally notified of the contents of the Policy, the requirement to adhere to its provisions, and the implications of non-compliance. E-mail often provides the most efficient and timely medium for communicating with students, prospective applicants, applicants, former students and alumni/ae. However, personal information should not normally be communicated electronically. Where such communication is necessary, a reasonable effort will be made to correctly identify the requester and/or recipient prior to sending personal information. (f) Alumni/ae and Former Students An alumnus, alumna or a former student may request access to his or her Official Student Record in accordance with the Access Procedure set out in Section 6 of the Guidelines on Access. (g) University Student Organizations Student organizations recognized by the Board of Governors (i.e., the University Students’ Council, Society of Graduate Students, and MBA Association) shall have access to basic student information referred to in Sections 3(a) and (c), for the legitimate internal use of that organization. The disclosure of such information will be subject to agreements with the organizations that they will not disclose any information to a third party, or use the information for any commercial purpose, without the prior agreement of the University. The USC, SOGS, and the MBAA shall be entitled to publish and distribute within the University community a University-wide directory of students except where students have restricted the disclosure of information. Students wishing to restrict the disclosure of information may do so by contacting the organization. Student information will not be released to student clubs or organizations not recognized by the Board of Governors without the consent of the students. However, the University will make reasonable efforts to facilitate communication between these groups and individual students. For example, under certain circumstances an information package prepared by a club could be distributed directly to students by the University on behalf of the club, in lieu of giving the
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