38 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses 42. Does the library partner on learning analytics initiatives with any campus units for learning analytics initiatives? N=48 Yes 18 38% No 30 62% If yes, please specify which one(s) and the nature of the work. N=17 Academic Technology Services (ATS) is a division within the Libraries. ATS is responsible for administering CANVAS, the library’s LMS. Out of the box, all instructors can see course-level analytics for the courses they teach. ATS has partnered with some academic programs to correlate this general usage data specifically for instructional design and program improvements. This is not “learning analytics” proper, nor a specific initiative as alluded to in the question, but perhaps worth mentioning. These programs include the School of Theology DMin program and the School of Public Health EMPH program. APIR: we provide data visualizations about course related library instruction interactions. Departments: we develop e-learning micro-courses that create learning data that is co-shared. Assessment and Research: quantitative statistical analysis and modeling of data. Campus units we partner with include Institutional Research (IR), Office of Assessment, Social Science Research Institute, Registrar, Student Information Services and Systems, and the Office of Information Technology. We partner with these units and departments in order to match data they have about library users with data collected in library systems. We use and analyze these data in order to learn more about how students, staff, and faculty are using library services and resources and to make improvements to existing services and resources. We also analyze usage data to understand more fully how resources (e.g., online journals) are being used, relative to costs. In past we have partnered with School of Humanities and Writing Center to assess the effectiveness of our Research Consultation Services. Institutional Effectiveness Joining the EAB campus initiative, along with Learning Commons partners. Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning, Office of Undergraduate Education, Department of English, College of Communication, Department of History Office of the Provost Office of the Provost for Learning Commons usage Provost Office: data collection. School of Engineering, Office of Deputy Dean for Academic: regression analysis of factors influencing GPA among undergrad engineering students. Unizin Governance teams, Learning Analytics Cross Functional Team, College of Liberal Arts, Information Systems, Office of Institutional Research We are exploring harvesting data from wifi logs and EZProxy from the IT Security unit. We plan to pilot sharing some library use data with Undergraduate Studies to use in their predictive model for student retention. We share data and work with the Office of First Year Studies and the Office of Faculty Affairs relating to classes taught by and through the Libraries. Yes for research analytics and also the library has some involvement and participation into a campus- wide initiative called Student Services Excellence Initiative (SSEI). SSEI is a multiyear, university-
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